About Us

Monaluce Keratin formulas have always been at the forefront of the industry and remain among the world’s first. These cutting-edge treatment products are manufactured in the USA and differentiate themselves from traditional relaxers and straighteners. Unlike harsh chemical treatments that can damage hair and leave it brittle, Monaluce products are formulated with natural keratin protein. This restorative ingredient rebuilds rejuvenates, and nourishes all types of hair, leaving them smooth, shiny, and healthy. Monaluce hair treatments and styling products are available exclusively for use by professional stylists, so you can say goodbye to bad hair days and embrace a beautiful, natural look.

What’s new on Monaluce Keratin Hair Treatment?

More and more companies are joining the “green” movement, seeking to reduce the use of preservatives in the cosmetic industry. Hair color, nail, and skincare specialists are now being joined by the Keratin Hair Treatment, which has been available in the U.S. market for the past 15 years. However, some Brazilian Keratin Treatment brands have been using ingredients that prioritize results over health, similar to other cosmetic products. A professional application of the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment takes about 2-3 hours, resulting in remarkable outcomes that can last for an extended period. This means that clients’ lifestyles change, and they can save money and time on hair maintenance products that don’t work well in humid conditions. Controversy and media attention surrounded this treatment when it first became popular, as it promised to be a game-changer in women’s haircare routines. The few original brands out there were solely focused on the product’s efficacy and not on developing a formula that also nourishes and promotes healthy hair. This is where Monaluce Keratin International comes in, as more hair salons and professionals are turning towards environmentally-friendly practices and using natural products that promote benefits without compromising results.

Why Different?

The Monaluce Keratin Hair Treatment incorporates a range of carefully selected botanical infusions, including seed oils and root extracts. These ingredients work together to nourish and strengthen hair from the inside out, promoting overall hair health and vitality.

How does it work?

With Monaluce Keratin, you can expect to achieve stunning, natural-looking hair that’s smooth, shiny, and free from frizz. This innovative treatment creates a protective “Crystal shield” that envelops each strand of hair, resulting in a silky and lustrous finish. This shield remains on the hair for an extended period, typically lasting from 3 to 6 months. The trend towards eco-friendliness and sustainability is increasingly popular in the beauty industry, and many salons are adopting a greener approach. Clients appreciate and respond positively to salons that prioritize both beauty and health, making Monaluce Keratin an attractive option for those seeking a natural and healthy hair treatment.